Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Joe, I'm stopping by!!!

Last night I experienced the highs and lows of eating dumplings in Chinatown. High: hearing and tasting the slurp of vinegar and fatty pork broth being imbibed by myself. Low: accidentaly squirting that juicy goodness onto my white shirt. High: being seated immediately upon arrival. Low: sitting next to an annoying chick who wanted to make friends. High: garlic and exotic water spinach. Low: Not eating all of my dumplings before they got cold, indeed losing steam before I could eat the last two or three doughy gems (I miss you!).

Of course, I was at Joe's Shanghai Restaurant, the place you want to go when you want gastronimic bliss in a steamy little pillows made just for you. If you feel overwhelmed by the choices in Chinatown, take your think cap off and sprint to Pell Street, # 9. I think you'd be hard pressed to beat this pick.

I actually ate at Joe's for the first time not too long after beginning this blog. Since then I have eaten plenty of dumplings, mostly at Flushing establishments. Now I would hate to say anything bad about the Chinese food in Flushing. Let's be honest, Flushing is a hands down foody destination, but none of the dumpling places in Flushing have anything on Joe's.

When I asked my friend who grew up in Chinatown where she would recommend that I go, she sent me to the same place I had been taken to by another friend and a google search yielded the same result. Clearly this is the place you want soup dumplings, especially in all of the cold days we have ahead of us, so warm up and get your butt to Joe's, asap.

They're Waiting!

Joe's Shanghai Restaurant

9 Pell Street, Near Bowery
New York, NY 10013