Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Freeze Your Broth: Say Adios to Cup-o-Noodles

The Landlady Special

Since I had frozen broth I made some ramen tonight. I am calling it the landlady special since I saw mine today to pay my rent. She's a very nice woman and my soup muse today.

The Land Lady Special

What you need:

Frozen miso broth (I made this another day by boiling water with miso, soy sauce, rice wine vinegar and sesame oil)
smoked tofu
garlic clove
udon noodles
rice wine vinegar
soy sauce
chili pepper
vegetable oil

To make:

Heat down the frozen broth into liquid. Slice some tofu and mince the garlic. When broth is liquid add noodles and soy sauce. Heat oil and drop garlic, brown and add tofu. Drop egg in broth. Simmer broth. Cook the tofu. Then ladle the broth into bowl and add tofu. Finish with rice vinegar and two slices of chili. Great soup in no time!

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