Friday, April 27, 2012

Mother's Day is coming up and we're all lucky because the internet makes it so easy to get your mom something nice. Below are some ideas you can check out.

I'm on a budget, $20  and under gifts

You could buy chocolates at the drug store at the last minute...or get this great little basket of Harry and David chocolate treats. They use a 30-year-old recipe to make their truffles!

You could bake cookies! Or just send her a box of Mrs. Fields cookies.

I got a little extra cash, gifts under $60

You can make almond brittle! Or buy this almond hand cream set from the Body Shop. If you order by April 29th you get the employee discount and since this gift is just over $50 it is eligible for free shipping.

Sew your mom a bag! Or buy this bag at Godiva. You'll give her chocolates, a nifty new bag and feed needy children with your purchase. Now that is a win, win, win.

I'm going all out for my mom! Gifts over $100

You can stick a picture of yourself in a frame and call it a day, or you can put a picture of your mom and one of yourself in this charm necklace from TforEdgard at their Etsy shop.

You can get your mom a treat from a local purveyor! Or you can let Murray's cheese shop take care of it with their The New Yorker gift box.

I hope you find these ideas helpful, but remember the most important thing is to just call her and let her know you love and appreciate her. Happy Friday everyone!

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