Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The 15th is Behind Us, Pay Your Bills, GO SEE MUSIC!

Alright! I haven't gone to see any music since the Haiti benefit at Bell House, but there's plenty of time and lots of good shows left this month. Also, some of the acts I missed the first two weeks of the month are playing more shows in the next couple of days. Yeah!

Below my definitive list of where your cute ass should be the next few days:


El Perro Del Mar and Taken By Trees, Le Poissson Rouge 9PM, $15
This show is all about beautiful female voices that are airy but also plush like velvet. Check out Taken by Trees' spin on Animal Collective's My Girls (she inverts the idea).

Wavves, Brooklyn Bowl, 8PM TBA
I like Wavves' punchy distortion. They make me want to bop my head and hop around like an awkward rabbit.

Bear Hands, The Studio at Webster Hall, 8PM, $10a/$12d
I know about these guys from Will, who just discovered I have this blog, so I'm giving you props, in case you read this.


Class Actress, Brooklyn Bowl, 9PM, Free!!!
If you like Chairlift, I really think that you'll be into Class Actress and the line up generally.

El Perro Del Mar and Taken By Trees, Knitting Factory, 8PM, $12a/$15d
Okay, so you have plans today, no problem. You get another chance to check these ladies out. Lucky you!


Freelance Whales, Bowery Ballroom, 8PM, $12a/$15d
Imagine me making gansta *Queens* signs with my dainty little hands.


Secret Machine, Bear in Heaven, and Mon Khmer, Glasslands, 8:30PM, $12a/$15d
Bear in Heaven is the highlight here, at least for me. If my life was made into a movie or the subject of a highly acclaimed TV series, Lovesick Teanagers would be on the soundtrack.

Dirty Projectors, Linlcon Center-The Allen Room, 8:30PM, $40.00
Okay, so everyone is talking about these guys and you've got some money in your pocket, so go see what all the talk is about.

Xylos, The Studio at Webster Hall, 8PM, $8a/$10d
Xylos boy/girl vocals are infectious and I think they have a knack for lyrically capturing a moment, see: "You want to know him, but he just like your face/takes down your number, he'll ask you on a date/but there's nothing wrong here, granted you like his face too/when you're drunk you tend toward loneliness you do..."


Mates of States, The Bell House, $16a/$18d
Bright, poppy music, the perfect annecdote to February in New York.


Jeff the Brotherhood and Sreaming Females, Death by Audio, 8PM, TBA
I have never been to Death by Audio and this looks like a good excuse to check it out.


Regina Spektor and Patti Smith, Carnagie Hall-Issac Stern Auditorium, 7:30PM, $30 (for Tibet)


Morning Benders, Market Hotel, 8PM, TBA


Shilpa Ray & Her Happy Hookers, Cameo Gallery, 8PM, TBA
I also owe Will for knowing about Shilpa. She is small, but her presence and voice completely fill a space. It's crazy, off the chain even, as Beth would say.

Right on Dynamite, Knitting Factory, 8pm, $10
Cute, charming guys making good music. Need I say more?

Okay, so my goal is to sqeeze in as much of this as I can, hit me up if you want to check any of this out.

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