Monday, February 1, 2010

Cleo & a Pirate, Argh!

Hey all,

Meet my new plant, Cleo. My crew here at PBG gave it to me for my bday. Speaking of the bday, thanks all for coming out on Saturday. It was a chilly, chilly night on a G-less Saturday and more than one of you was fighting a cold, so I know it was not an easy trip to make, but you all looked magical and amazing! Thank you! I will post pictures soon!

Sooooooooo......I need a new project and this is what I was thinking. Mexican! As in yummy Mexican food. I want to put together the mother of all burritos and I want your help. Please get back to me with your ideas and tips for the ultimate burrito. I will test, tinker and record here until I get it right, and will give credit to who it is due too.

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