Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Green Plantains, Yum!

I am sure that if you have ever had Cuban or another Carribean food, then you have eaten green plantains. Usually they come as two squashed fried chips next to a meal of seared meat with beans and rice. Of course, they can also be seen in the supermarket next to ripe plantains. The other day I was in the supermarket and the green plantains were so cheap I could not help but snatch them up.

Last night after eating a sad dinner of ham on wheat bread I looked in the fridge for something else. I saw those large green plantains. I was reluctant to tackle them tough. They were large plantains, and I wasn't that hungry. I decided, however, that if I didn't begin to use them they would go bad or I would begin on a cycle of continually passing them over until they became inedible.

So I took one long plantain out and took the green peel off, below is what I did after that. To try it yourself you will need:

A large garlic clove
A neutral oil
Salt and pepper
The plantain, of course

Slice up the garlic clove as the oil heats. You don't need a lot of oil, just make sure you use a non-stick pan. Then heat garlic until it sizzles. Then lay out your slices in the pan. Turn when the slices 'pop' with a golden yellow. In a medium sized pan you will probably need to do two batches. Then season with salt and pepper and drink a coffee with warm milk. It's a great snack or savory dessert when you are curling up with a good book or a movie. Enjoy!

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