Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tart and Salty, but I'm Sure You're into It

Bringing good snacks to work is really a challenge, especially if you want to venture beyond cereal and oatmeal. When my mom visited me earlier this month, she brought me soap, dish towels and a bunch of oranges, all very practical gifts. The following week I ate an orange every single day at work. It was so good! I basically just cut them up and sprinkle them with salt. I like eating oranges like this so much that this week I didn't even buy orange juice. I've been eating two oranges a day. One for breakfast and one around 3 oclock.

There are lots of ways to eat an orange. I like slicing them and sprinkling them with salt because the wedges make it easy to eat without getting your hands messy, which is key when you're eating and working and I love how the salt sharpens the sweetness and tartness of the oranges. I hope you'll try it too. You'll be eating well and warding off your snarky cubicle-mate's cold. Win, win!

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