Saturday, November 14, 2009

BOAT, Laura, and a bicycle wheel

Last night was super sweet. Laura and I met up for some dumplings and then went to Union Hall. The first picture is next to the food coop in Park Slope. Laura mused that it would be a fun place to take a picture. What do you guys think of the result? I sort of look like a girlish version of the villain in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, don't you think?

The effect of the rain on my glasses made for some freaky looking eyes. Watch out! I might be an evil toon....blahhaahha. Below is lovely Laura, and I, waiting to see BOAT. I didn't know much about them before checking them out, but let me tell you it was a super duper fun show--there was a dancing apple with the Mets logo, Village Voice confetti and plastic whistle toys and the music was kick ass. You should really check BOAT out!

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