Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Faith 47, A Silent Nation

Eric, Lia's very cool brother has been learning about public art. He's pretty into it and found out about an artist, Faith 47. Her work is compelling. I've posted a shot of something she did. Anyway, she's trying to fight the man. Below Eric explains what exactly she's doing. Check it out if you get a chance.

Faith 47 is heading a petition effort to oppose new South African laws that would make all public art illegal. That would include graffiti that is vandalism, but also commissioned murals and welcomed artwork done by professional and reputable artists. I felt moved to sign the petition, because I know how important a lot of this public art is. There are surely better ways to eliminate vandalism. I welcome you to look into it. At the very least, do a Google search for "Faith 47 art" and see what I'm talking about. Or you can take my word for it and just sign the petition.

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