Monday, November 16, 2009

Creatures of the Forest, Save the Date!

You guys know I love my birthday, so it's no surprise that I'm thinking about how I'm going to celebrate it now. Laura and I thought up a trully amazing idea over Halloween and this past weekend I threw the idea out to some friends to see if it might work. Everyone I've told has been enthusiastic about it, so I have decided to go with my idea and do my best to nurture it to it's fullest potential.

My grand idea for this year's party is a costumed pub crawl. The theme is 'Creatures of the Forest.' Yes, it's time to take your creativity off the shelf and start thinking of an amazing costume. You don't have to stick to real animals. As long as it's a creature of the forest it's game, so let your imagination run wild. I am making a prized gift basket for best costume of the night.

This celebration will be Saturday, the 30th of January. Save the date! You have plenty of time to start brain storming. Tell your friends and to all of you guys not in NYC, consider coming up for the weekend. I can host at least a few people!

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