Friday, November 20, 2009

Don't Diss Mrs. Freshleys

It's a good day today. I broke out of my cave to a beautiful blue sky after a night of pretty consistent rain. I'm happy for the zoo tour guide I met yesterday on the elevator. She has to work today. I made a wish for the day to be sunny for her sake, and boy did that wish come true. Altruism people: it works!

In other news, I'm seeing my mom today for lunch and it's Friday. It's a very good day and I'm looking forward to an equally sweet weekend, as good as last weekend I hope. Below are pictures from last Saturday.

I got to hang out with some friends. First I went shopping with Steph, then we went to see her fiance David practice with his band. Afterwards the band, Steph, I and Yuki enjoyed an evening of tasty ramen, plus drinks at the little gem Umi No. Below are some blurry pictures I took while we were waiting for David and the rest of the boys to finish up so we could go to dinnner.

Dave showing everyone how it's done

Steph and Yuki!

A Mrs. Freshley's carrot cake that's not so fresh anymore.

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