Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Creatures of the Forest Update: Ouija Prize

I played Ouija for the first time with Laura and some friends a few weeks ago. Possibly the most memorable part of the evening was when I asked what possible suitor I should pursue and I received the response: "You are special!" which was reverberated through the room by all the ladies in attendance. Yes I am, and indeed you are too, which is why I am looking forward to both the magic of your costume and and your beloved presence at Creatures of the Forest 2010.
Lest you think that I am merely hamming it up here, let me clue you in on my dedication to your attendance. As a teaser I am unveiling a part of the grand prize that will be awarded to best costume of the evening:

It's a Ouija board!

As you can see it's custom made with color detail. You're not getting a work of art like this from Hasboro, that's for sure. So should you skip Creatures of the Forest 2010?

Well hello there Mr. Moon, looks like the board has spoken. Let's ask the board one more question before we sign off. Should our dear readers delve into the craziest and most creative crevasses of their imaginations to make their costumes?

As you can see my friends, the board has spoken! I hope you guys are excited. Let me know if you want to keep seeing more teasers.

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The Beastmaster said...

I want to be there! I will make a costume in hopes of winning the Ouija Board, just in case :)