Friday, January 14, 2011

Strangely Delicious: Rice for Breakfast

Picture sourced from Philspector

This morning I woke up and wanted warm cereal. Since I didn't have oatmeal (which I love) or any kind of dry cereal, I decided to use the rice in my fridge. I was inspired by a rice pudding I had for dessert at an Indian restaurant this week.

The rice I had made on Monday was a creamy brown short grain. I had added salt, butter, a little lemon juice, a bay leaf, lemon zest and fresh chopped basil. I reasoned that this savory rice would easily and happily become a sweet warm breakfast with the help of maple syrup, milk and a microwave.

I know it may sound crazy, but I feel that the bay leaves leave a kind of perfumey quality to food and that lemon is always a welcomed ingredient in sweet dishes, as is a little salt. Lastly, basil is somewhat sweet and spicy, so that is why I went for it and it really did turn out great.

It inspired me to try to make a basil and lemon ice cream with my new ice cream maker. Anyone interested in trying it?!?

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