Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What I'll Be Eating 'on' My Birthday

Salt Cod Fritters, Lamb Sausage Ragu, Curry Aioli

Assorted Charcuterie

Berkshire Pork Belly, Rock Shrimp, Turnips, Romesco, Sherry Caramel

"Smores," Graham Cracker Ice Cream, Toasted Marshmallow,
"Hot" Chocolate Ganache

Joey is taking me to Recette for my Birthday (tomorrow, the 27th) on Friday. This is very exciting not only because it has been called one of the best restaurants by the New York Times and by New York Magazine, but also because it rhymes with my name. Awesome.


The Beastmaster said...

Seriously lovely. I just about swooned when I saw the pork belly. Some people say it's overplayed, but I say "YUM".

artty46 said...

The portion looked small when it came to the table, but it was so rich, so decadent, so lucious that I could only take that small bit.