Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Strangely Delicious

Sometimes something sounds like a weird combination and you try it and it tastes awful. Every time that has happened to me is far out weighed by the times the combination has been surprising, addictive and just plain delicious. Here are some odd combinations for you to try out. I dare you.

1. Add a dollop of Greek yogurt to pasta and marinara sauce, sprinkle heavily with crushed red pepper flakes. Mix it all up and enjoy.

2. Steam chopped butternut squash with brown sugar and cinnamon. When tender, pour warm honey-infused milk over it and eat if for breakfast.

3. Coat sliced Spanish onions with olive oil and smoked paprika. Grill them, and then chop. Place onion on top of sprouts. Zest a lemon over it. Finish by drizzling olive oil and a little lemon juice over it. Season with salt.

4. Squeeze lime juice into rice at end of cooking and stir in a large mound of chopped cilantro.

5. I got this idea from my friend abby: spread roasted yams on pizza dough. Sprinkle with blue cheese. Toss arugula on top of pizza when it comes out of the oven.

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