Saturday, January 2, 2010

Cat Crazy

I am on record as saying some bat-crazy things involving my cat. For example, a few weeks ago this came out of my mouth with complete sincerity, "I believe my cat might have been a human I knew in a past life," which I tempered by saying, "I also think I might have been an antelope in a past life, I can feel it when I run. I feel like an animal." Nuts?
Un peu. It's not that I'm willing to bet my life on these claims. It's more like eccentric ideas I wish were the case. After all, my parents do ask about Ada, the feline I am speaking of, as if she were my life partner.

"Y la gata Arlette? Como esta? Anything new?"

"Oh yes, how is Ada?"

"She threw up a hair ball this week, but she's good"

And only half mockingly, "It's too bad she can't be here."

"Yes, it is"

It's not completely absurd that my parents are so interested in my cat. She's quite the social kitty. A real conversationalist. My cat does 'talk' to me, or at least sounds come out of her mouth as she stares me down intensely. I think though that there is a line between at times anthropomorphizing a pet farther than one should and falling into an abyss of unholy animal/human confusion. Folks this is what it looks like on the other side of the chalk streak:

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