Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rain Machine and Antipop Consortium at BAM 1/30/10

Lunch. Yeah I made it. What? Yeah it does taste rad. Huh? No you can't have any.

Not everyone loves TV on the Radio. Bryan and Steve made fun of me for listening to them. Truth is though, a lot of people do. The lead singer, who I just found out is named Kyp Malone has a side project called Rain Machine. I think it's okay, not totally my thing, but worth checking out. Turns out he's going to be playing on Saturday the 30th with Antipop Consortium who I also don't know a lot about, but whose "New York to Tokyo" I dig. I know that's the day of Creatures of the Forest, but if you want to check this out, you totally should (and then stop by!).

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