Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Petunia Beats: Drink Up Butter Cup Video, Concert Dates and Free Mixed Tape at Insound

Yesterday while I was in the bathroom I was thinking how 'Petunia Eats' seems an ill fit for the blog these days. I've been posting way more about music than food. I did say, though, that I was going to expand the blog to all the things that I fancy, and music happens to be one of them that is easy to access and share with you while I'm at my computer and have a spare minute (or five).

Anyhow, what I'm posting today is a holdover from yesterday. Drink Up Butter Cup, a band out of Philly that I really like is playing a concert this Thursday the 14th at Cake Shop and Friday the 15th at the Bell House in Gowanus.
They rock so hard and oh so good. I've been to a few of their concerts and the last one I went to, at Union Hall, they got off the stage and did their last song in a circle right in the middle of the crowd and all they used as instruments were drum sticks and the tops of garbage cans. It was so much fun! Anyway, if you're free you should totally go see them. Also, the Bell House is a pretty sweet venue. I am always looking for an excuse to go back and if I can swing it, maybe I'll see you there.

In other music news, you can go to Insound and get a free mixed tape. You know I love those things. I am not too familiar with the bands on the tape, but I'll check it out. If there's anything I am into, I'm sure you'll hear about it soon. Of course you can always download it yourself.

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