Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Early February Concerts: Morning Benders, Xylos, La Strada and More

La Strada: some handsome gentlemen
Hey all,
January is almost done and here comes February with a lot of musical goodies. Below are some notable concerts for the first few weeks of 2/10. I posted on the Morning Benders yesterday and am pretty excited about them. I have a dinner the night they play, so chances are I won't make that show, but they're back in April.

I will probably catch Xylos, since I haven't seen them since early summer and if I get the chance, La Strada at The Bell House. One of the best concerts I went to last year was seeing them there with the Black Hollies. The space was perfect for them, totally old worldy, big and romantic. It was so fun to see BH give a tight high energy performance. Their drummer was so good it was nuts and then to finish with La Strada and happy dancing couples taking up the floor. It was a very good night.

Anyway, I will be back with more news and dates soon.

2/4 9:30pm Cold Cave and Nite Jewel, Mercury Lounge $12

2/6 7pm
Screaming Females , Jeff the Brotherhood Bowery Ballroom $13a/$15d
2/6 TBA
Class Actress and Morning Benders Glasslands TBA

2/9 8pm
Xylos , Dinosaur Feathers, also with Blair and Sydney Wayser Pianos $5
Note: This line up is very cohesive, but leans too much into pretty feminine twinkly music with Blair and Sydney, but that might be your thing--and for $5 Xylos and Dinosaur Feathers are more than worth it.

2/12 7:30pm
The Watson Twins and La Strada The Bell House $10a/$12d

2/13 8pm
Magnetic Fields BAM $25

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