Friday, January 8, 2010

Youtube binging on E. Smith

I tend towards excess in some things like, Bravo shows, HBO series, and playing the same artist for an insanely long time. Freud would say that this is a sign that I peaked at infancy. Oh Freud! You're probably right.
Anyway, I'm not so blue today. In fact I'm very excited for the weekend ahead. I'll be seeing many of my favorite people (you know who you are!) and there is ramen in my near future. Despite, this I'm still hooked on some moody-ass music, but it's great music! Well, at least I think so. Today, I am posting Elliott Smith's "Say Yes." This is the first song I ever heard from him, which I discovered through my old roommate in Memphis, Bryan. I am so very infinintly grateful to you my dear (pun intended, for any philosophers reading).
Inevitably, of course, I fell very deeply in love with Smith's music and got a couple of records, including his last record From a Basement on the Hill, released after his death in 2003, which was and still is very tragic. So, about this video that I want to share with you,I like it because you get to hear him chat it up a bit, something I always like. I've spent the whole day listening to various versions of his songs. All day people! And, well, I liked this video the best for that small snippet of a conversation. Okay, enjoy, maybe catch the bug and binge a little on E. Smith yourself, but whatever you do, definitely have an awesome weekend!!!

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