Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Go to NPR to Hear Spoon's New Record!

I went to a Spoon concert in New York. I don't remember the name of the venue but it was near Time Square. It was sort of supposed to be a date-y kind of thing with this dude and his roommate and the roomie's ex. The hillarious thing was the extreme lack of chemistry between us and the intense flirty chemistry between the two who had broken up. It was an omen: I fell out of contact with him and last thing I heard before I did, was that the roommate was back with his girl. Go figure huh?
As for the concert it was kind of lame for me. We got there so late I was too short to see anything and Spoon was already in the middle of their set. They're coming back to the city though and I hear that they are playing at Radio City Music Hall. If you're a spoony (and I am in every sense of the word), go to NPR to listen to their new album 'Transference.' They'll have their new record up for free for a week before the record is officially released January 19th. For tour dates and more info on Spoon go The Alternate Side.

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