Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ta ta Tuesday

I swore it was Wednesday this morning, but of course it's not. I'm trying to bull-bump my way to the weekend I guess. Anyway, I decided I'd post something during my lunch hour today because I left my knitting at home. As Em would say, it's one hot mess. I love that expression!

So perhaps out of laziness, or because I had planned on posting this all along, I'm putting up my birthday invite it seems fitting since it is a common theme on the blog these days. What am I going to plan for after January? I'm taking suggestions people!

New Year

Not so long ago we bid a decade a dieu:
goodbye to ten, hello to new.
When twelve kissed one, time dashed forward--
yet like thread, merely circled over.
And so darn thread darns through every day
until one will be only what we knew.

But this beginning for all is to every one again,
new again, so...
on the eve of its end, when its glow may be dim,
come revel with me on my brand new year
with the same electric glee
as when this first month was wee.

Costume party: Creatures of the Forest
Why? My birthday
When? January 30th (Saturday) 8pm
Where? Lulu's (Greenpoint)
Dress code? No limits (Get crazy )

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