Thursday, January 7, 2010

Gougelet's Scarf

This is Gougelet's scarf. I finished it at lunch. I still have to weave the threads in, but that won't take long. Don't mind my anemic smile or the boxes in the back. My company is moving to a new location near Time Square next week. Hello lights and hapless tourists!
Anyway, if you remind me what your birthdate is and tell me what you want I'll do my best to knit it up and get it to you. I'll need a mailing address from those of you outside of NYC.
I only ask that you think hard before you ask for a scarf. I'm a bit tired of knitting scarfs. I can make all sorts of things! You could have mittens, or slippers, or a hat or even a sweater, so let me know. I love doing it!

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